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All About Santa Clara


The three pillars of “Santa Clara” culture embraces our guests, our environment and our staff.

Our Guests

We deliver our guests an amazing experience in an amazing country where you feel pampered, cared for and had your every need catered to.
Our Environment

We leave as small a foot print as we can on the environment in Cambodia. It is a country that is struggling to meet the demands of the 21st century with excessive waste and too much environmental damage. So as a new property, we need to do our bit.

Where possible we avoid using plastic on the premises. For example, we filter water through a commercial system and offer this filtered water in glass bottles in the guest rooms and provide free–of-charge, water in the restaurant and poolside so avoid having plastic bottles. We separate our garbage into re-cyclables that are donated to local collectors, we compost vegetation and any suitable paper products and use this soil in our plant pots.

Our Staff

We ensure our staff have a safe and comfortable working environment with supportive management. We pay above normal wages and provide great on-site training with the hope that these young people can use these skills to improve their living standards and create their own improved future.