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Cambodia Trials, Off-Road Motorcycle Tour


Cambodia Trails Off-road Tour was founded and set-up by Cambodian tour guide & motorbike enthusiast AKI PICH. We are supported by The Cambodian Motorcycle Team and based in Siem Reap,

Since 2009 we have become one of the best providers of off-road motorbike tours and trips in South East Asia.

Our mission is to take you to the heart of the kingdom, providing a perfect combination of both trail riding on Cambodia’s diverse and stunning landscape coupled with our local history, culture and nature.

We offer everything from motocross to enduro, single trail, jungle tours and other outdoor trips. We are more than happy to tailor a trip to your specifications or skill level so you can experience the best of what Cambodia has to offer.

If you’re traveling to South-East Asia please keep an eye on us! We’re offering the best-value and choice to guarantee a truly unforgettable and unique experience in our country. If you are interested in riding with us or seeing what Cambodia has to offer on bikes, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your requirements.

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